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line When an organization is born out of love for making the best, the outcome is incredible line

- Mrs. Rajni Bector

Over three decades ago, a simple, young housewife from Ludhiana won the heart of Punjab with her love for baking. She did all of this from her home, set in the middle of lush golden wheat fields of Punjab. While the beginnings of Mrs. Bector's Food Specialties were humble, the journey ahead is nothing short of an inspiration. A Lady that started catering to the needs of her family and friends, now touches the lives of a million people everyday. Today, Mrs. Bector's English Oven has transformed into a leading brand across the country, winning appreciation from consumers and industry leaders alike.

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Mrs Bector Through its unmatched product range, innovative flavors and fillings, and the best-in-class, internationally certified manufacturing facilities, Mrs. Bector's English Oven has established itself as a frontrunner in the food retailing & services industry.

With world-class manufacturing facilities in Noida, Bengaluru and Mumbai that make Mrs. Bector's English Oven the largest bun manufacturers in the country, the company has, yet again, set benchmarks for the food processing industry. This, paired with Mrs. Bector's unfaltering commitment to eating fresh and healthy, has aided the company in becoming a preferred as well as leading supplier to Indian and global food majors.

Mrs. Bector has, from the very start, laid emphasis on the importance of breakfast and the need for it to be made with the finest, freshest of ingredients. It's a belief that laid the foundation for the company, making English Oven buns and breads synonymous with great quality.

Continuing to grow on Mrs. Bector's values, the company also continues to empower, touch and win hearts with a firm belief that Nothing is impossible.

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